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Bishop Bobby Henderson answered God's call to the minstry of the Word at the early age of fourteen. Three years later, at the age of seventeen, he continued in obedience and entered the ministry of the word full-time. His intinerary includes conducting yarly seminars in the Memephis, Tennessee HolyConvocation and the Auxilaries In Minstry Convention of thechurches Of God In Christ, and revival services, ministering across the country and overseas.
Bishop Henderson is the President and Founder of Anointed Word Ministries International. He is the founding president of the Evangelism Department of the Central Georgia Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ and has served in the department from 1982 through 1992. He is a trustee member of Charismatic Bible Ministries, Oral Roberts Chairman.
In August 1992, Bishoop Henderson founded the Anointed Word Evangelistic Tabernacle. In May 1994, Anointed Word moved into their edifice at 2418 Panola Road, Lithonia, Georgia.

Bishop Bobby Henderson